Incredible anti bloating tablet

//Incredible anti bloating tablet

Incredible anti bloating tablet


image of innopure charcoal tablets Anti bloating tablet

I always try to get my head around why some ladies get results in other areas of the body but the tummy seems to stay quite round.  After examining lots of 3D Lipo  post treatment photos I noticed that what I thought was stubborn fat was actually bloating. Then I discovered the anti bloating tablet.

A bloated tummy tends to look very round, in fact perfectly round, whereas a tummy holding fat tends to protrude in different areas and so is not a perfect sphere.  I decided to do some investigating and came across Activated Charcoal Tablets.  These tablets received amazing reviews on bloating and people where amazed by the results.  The Charcoal  absorbs most poisons, charcoal can be very effective in soaking up the less harmful, but uncomfortable, acids and gases that accumulate in the stomach. These substances can cause indigestion, acid reflux and a bloated stomach.

A lovely lady I was in the middle of treating with 3D Lipo was baffling me as to why her stomach was just not retracting, I told her that I though she was bloated and to maybe try out the Activated Charcoal Tablets.  The next week we treated again, and at the end I took pictures as I always do.  The squeals from us both where comical to say the least, her stomach had totally deflated, and the fat reduction we had achieved over the last few weeks could finally be seen.

All round she said she noticed a difference and didn’t feel so gassy, and was delighted to now start to see the benefits of her 3D Lipo fat reduction course.  So its a yes from me on the Activated Charcoal Tablet front.  I am going to recommend these to all my new clients.


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