Hyaluron Pen No Needle Fillers

The Hyaluron pen is a needle-free system that uses air pressure to bring fat dissolve products into the skin in a non-invasive way with NO needles!

Besides this method of entry, it works exactly the same as fat dissolving injections, which you may be more familiar with.

This is a completely safe treatment and is great for those with needle phobias, no aesthetic is required and most importantly no complications.


How does fat-dissolving work?

This revolutionary technique can dissolve local fat. It reduces unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for liposuction or surgery. It works by hydrolysing the wall of the fat cell and therefore making it release its lipid content. It can be used almost anywhere in the body.

How many treatments do i need?

The treatments are done every 2 WEEKS until the desired result is achieved. On average 3-5 sessions are required depending on the volume of the fat deposit

Areas treated with the no-needle fat dissolve:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Double-Chin/Chin Area

How long does it take for fat dissolving injections to work?

The swelling will usually go down within 48 hours but can take up to a week. For best results, up to three to nine treatments 2 weeks apart are recommended. It is important to explain that as with many other cosmetic treatments, “it takes up to six weeks for you to notice the effects.” Each individual results may vary. Diet and proper exercise can help propel better results.

Does this treatment hurt?

Pain is minimal with fat dissolving treatments but more important there is far less risk due to no trauma to the skin.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, 3D-Body Contouring cannot guarantee specific results.