3D Brazilian Butt Lift

The 3D Butt Lift uses a combination of non-surgical 3D Lipo technologies.

First of all a non-invasive fat freezing treatment is used, followed by fat melting, and skin tightening. Therefore as a result broken down fat is then deposited naturally throughout the body, via the lymphatic system causing a reduction of fat in the area treated. Consequently this will enhance the buttocks and as a result create a firmer, tighter, smoother appearance.


How many treatments are needed?

A course of 8 is required to achieve optimal results.

What results can I expect?

The new 3D Butt lift has several benefits including reducing loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite, and will simultaneously lift and shape the buttocks. Results are not permanent and maintenance is needed

What happens during treatment?

First of all a cool gel pad is placed on the area of treatment for the reason of protecting the skin. A vacuum will then be attached to the area, resulting in the fat being drawn up inside, consequently you will experience a mild cold sensation. Finally the temperature freezes to around -7 / -8 degrees Celsius, therefore freezing the fat cells. This is then followed by 8 weeks of radio frequency skin tightening.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, 3D-Body Contouring cannot guarantee specific results.

  • Procedure Time:
    Up to 60 minutes for freeze and 40 minutes for the skin tightening
  • Treatment Duration:
    8 weeks
  • *Individual results and reactions may vary.