The New Protocol for 2019

Cryolipoysis fat freezing in the past took up to 12 weeks for the client to see full results post treatment. Due to recent clinical studies by 3D Lipo, if a client comes back for 3 weekly treatments of Shockwave, then final results will be seen by week 6. This is an exciting new protocol literally halves the time for results.

Why have Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis)?

Fat freezing is fast becoming the most popular non invasive lipo procedure to permanently and safely remove fat cells. Fat freezing cells is clinically proven and has been cleared by the FDA. It is completely safe, pain free and has no DOWNTIME!.

Even when eating well and exercising there are always be those stubborn areas of fat that simply will not shift. I have treated many gym goer’s who train hard but still have little pockets of fat that they just can’t seem to shift.

These are usually:

  • tummy paunches
  • muffin tops (love handles)
  • bra fat
  • banana rolls (the area under your bottom)
  • inner thighs
  • bingo wings.

I have almost 5 years experience using 3D Lipo technology and have extensive knowledge in fat freezing and inch loss fat reduction. I always say that treatments are not a one size fits all. Due to everyone being so genetically different and the fact we are not symmetrical means although cryolipolysis is usually marketed as a one off treatment, on occasions a second round is needed. This is partly due to the procedure being capable of reducing between 20-40% of fat in the targeted area, this means if you are someone who only loses 20% of fat cells then you may require a second treatment.

The Science behind Fat Freezing

First of all the Cryolipolysis procedure begins with a membrane being placed on the area, this is to fully protect the skin. The area is then gently vacuumed up into the freezing head. The head consists of 2 metal plates that begin to freeze, the plates freeze down to -6. The fat pocket in the machine head is then taken to -6 for 1 hour. As a result your body will cause necrosis to the fat cells (cell death), think of it as frostbite to the pocket of fat. Finally, over the next 4-8 weeks the body will break down the fat cells naturally using the lymphatic system.

The Results of Fat Freezing